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Financial Reporting and Analysis, CFA L1 2016

A complete guide from basics of Accounting to Analysis of Statement Analysis,

This course covers all the concepts of Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Reporting. It covers 20% of the syllabus of CFA L1 and builds the foundation in Finance. The learnings from this course are not just useful for the candidates preparing for the CFA exam but also for those aspiring to enter the field of finance without formal education of commerce.

This course is formulated in various Study sessions and readings just as structured in the CFA program. I have made 73 video lectures for each subtopic taking into account that the attention span of students is short. Each topic is followed by concept checkers on that topic and I also explain how a question should be attempted on the CFA exam.

This is a tough subject and a student would take between 60-100 hours to get an understanding of FRA through self study, however, taking this online course, with help them understand this complex topic in less than 15 hours! Therefore taking this course is strongly recommended to working professionals preparing for CFA exam who have limited time available for studying.

Introduction to Balance Sheet
Introduction to Income Statement
Introduction to Other Comprehensive Income
Introduction to Statement of Owner's Equity
Introduction to Cash Flow Statement
Notes and MDNA
Auditor's Report
FSA Framework
Test your knowledge
Classification of Business Activities
Common Accounts and Accounting Equation
The accounting Process
Recording Business Transactions
Valuation Adjustments and Accounting Systems
Test your knowledge
ASB IASB FASB Introduction
Attributes of ASB
Regulatory Authorities
IFRS Framework
Measurement of Financial statement elements
Test your knowledge
An Introduction to Income Statements
Revenue Recognition part 1
Revenue Recognition Part 2
Revenue Recognition_implications for Financial Analysis
Expense Recognition
Non recurring and Non operating items in Income Statement
Analysis of Income Statement
Comprehensive Income
Test your knowledge
Introduction to Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Classifications
Current Liabilities
Long Lived Assets
Financial Assets
Long term Liabilities and Owners Equity
Analysis of Balancesheet
Test your knowledge
Introduction to CFS
IFRS vs US GAAP treatment
Direct and Indirect Methods
Cash Flow statement Analysis
Test your knowledge
An Introduction to Financial Analysis Techniques
Ratio Analysis
Common Size Analysis and other techniques
Common Ratios _ Activity and Liquidity
Common Ratios_Solvency, Profitability
DuPont Analysis
Valuation ratios
Credit Analysis
Business and Geographic Segments
Test your knowledge
Introduction to Inventories
Inventory Valuation Methods
Comparison of various cost flow methods
Inventory Valuation and Ratios
Test your knowledge
Introduction to Long Lived Assets
Impact on Financial Ratios
Test your knowledge
Introduction to Income Taxes
More on Income Taxes
Test your knowledge
Long term Liabilities_Bonds
De-recognition of Debt
Post retirement benefits
Test your knowledge
Financial Reporting Quality
Red Flags
Accounting warning signs
Test your knowledge
Evaluating past performance and Projecting future performance
Assessing Credit Risk
Analyst Adjustments
Test your knowledge
Practice Quiz 1

What's included

  • 73 Video Lessons
  • 15 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Tanuja Yadav